Religion is man trying to live right from the outside in. It results in struggle and uncertainty; he feels inadequate and unsure of God’s impression of him.

We are committed to eliminating religion from Christianity by preaching the gospel.

Christianity is not a religion, but the life of God in man.

The seed of God in man will cause him to produce the fruit of righteousness.

This seed first gets into a man when he believes the gospel.

So the life of a Christian is lived from the inside out, not trying to live from the outside, which results in struggle.

We also emphasize that the believer should be relationship-conscious and not principle-conscious, Christ-conscious and not need-conscious’.

One step at a time, walking with the Spirit of God, and one day at a time, hearing the word of God, you would experience true transformation.

The transformation of your daily reasoning (“Logikos Daily”) is the key to your enjoying this life in Christ.

This gospel is the power of transformation.